DEAD (as a doorpost)


John’s dead and in Heaven, listening to harps that don’t quite sound as he expected. He’s pretty happy about the whole thing, actually. His wife Melissa is ecstatic. Linda, though, suspects foul play – and she’s not going to rest until she finds out what happened.

This is a very short book – novelette length – about 9000 words or 36 (print) pages.

Warning: Contains frequent foul language, adult themes and weird Aussie-isms. Not suitable for children.



John says:

So I died. So I don’t remember how I died. I’m dead, I’m in heaven. That sounds like a happy ending to me. So why does Linda care so much? I don’t.

Melissa says:

I’ve been mooning around heaven for years waiting for my husband to turn up. He finally makes it, and he’s joined at the hip to a blonde tart who thinks clothes are ‘like, so lame’. I am not happy.

Mack says:

I’m madder than a roo with sunstroke. I know nothing. Leave me alone!

Linda says:

There’s something really weird going on here, and I want to know what, #### it.

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