DEAD(ish) Omnibus


The DEAD(ish) series is a collection of humorous murder mysteries starring Linda the ghost and Trent the hapless private investigator. Lots of melodrama, ghostly shenanigans, and a pinch of revenge thrown in for good measure.

Warning: This series contains Aussie spelling and idioms, a large number of rude words, and some adult themes. It is not suitable for children.



This omnibus contains books 1-5 of the DEAD(ish) series:

  • DEAD(ish), in which Linda goes searching for her missing body.
  • (technically) DEAD, in which Cooper finds an afterlife worthy of a computer geek.
  • DEAD (as a doorpost), in which Linda strong-arms John into finding out how he died.
  • (imminently) DEAD, in which Geordie receives death threats galore.
  • DEAD (and hellbent), in which Mike is convinced that Linda is again haunting him.

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