Maisy May


Maisy’s mum is an ex-junkie. Her father is unknown. Now the girl with the colourful childhood goes to church every Sunday with her mother and attends youth group with the other kids in her country hometown. But fitting into the cookie-cutter ideal of Christian youth isn’t easy for someone with Maisy’s background.

A new arrival in town gets Maisy thinking about her beliefs, and she doesn’t like where her thoughts are heading. Soon she’s questioning every tenet she used to hold dear – and being outed as the worst kind of sinner.

Maisy May is a novella for teens and adults. It is the first in a series of three about Maisy.

Warning: Contains occasional swearing, and sexual and religious themes.



“My name’s Maisy May Dickens. I’m about five foot nine inches tall, I weigh far too little through no fault of my own, and I’m a really bad Christian. I don’t mean a bad-arse Christian who goes around smiting the evildoers, despite what the last scene might’ve implied. It’s just that I’ve never been good at being a good little Christian girl, and some days I doubt I ever will. I swear. I yawn in church. I laugh at fart jokes. I’m loud and I dress goth and I try hard to be kind to people but too often I yell at them instead. Not exactly a poster girl for Christian Girl Monthly, huh? Oh, I forgot about my habit of just opening my mouth and letting whatever I’m thinking come out. It gets a bit painful sometimes. Yup, that’s me, diarrhoea-mouth girl.”


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