Reading Order

The DEAD(ish) books are generally best read in sequence, so that you can keep track of who Linda’s pissed off at (and vice versa) and have some idea of why. However, once the DEAD(ish) Allsorts stories enter the picture, life gets a little more complicated. So here’s the chronological order of existing DEAD(ish) and DEAD(ish) Allsorts books:

Timeline Order Ebook Series
1 DEAD(ish) DEAD(ish)
2 Follow the Light DEAD(ish) Allsorts
3 Lee Ming DEAD(ish) Allsorts
4 (technically) DEAD DEAD(ish)
5 DEAD (as a doorpost) DEAD(ish)
6 (imminently) DEAD DEAD(ish)
7 DEAD (and hellbent) DEAD(ish)
8 Running Mike DEAD(ish) Allsorts


Character map coming soon – find out which books your favourite characters have appeared in – or will appear in.